Are you a ‘can-do’ candidate?

We are very much a ‘can-do’ company. We need people who can assess the challenges they face quickly and accurately, then take the appropriate action to address them. This often involves a lot of hard work and sustained effort, which is why we define can-do as the self-confidence to get started and the willingness to follow-through: to do whatever it takes to get the job done well.

How ‘switched-on’ are you?

A good deal of our success to date has been achieved by people who have the flair to spot exciting opportunities, the creativity to develop original solutions to challenges, and a sixth sense or instinct when it comes to customer relationships. This is why we need people who stay alert and switched-on to new trends, new technologies and new possibilities. 

Are you ‘in-touch’ with what’s outside our business?

Our business starts and ends with our customers’ needs. We need to understand the regulatory regimes in which they operate and the local practices that influence their buying decisions. We need to know how our industry and our markets are changing in response to global trends. So you won’t be surprised to learn we need people who are in touch with the people and the world around them. 

Do you insist on getting everything ‘just-right’?

Our success is based on high quality products and services, not driving down costs. It’s about understanding the big picture and using this understanding to get every little detail just right. It’s no exaggeration to say we need perfectionists – individuals who just can’t settle for second best.

Do you possess the ‘know-how’ we need right now?

Whether you join us as an experienced energy professional, from another sector or as recent graduate, we will expect you to demonstrate considerable ‘know-how’ because we’ve learnt from experience that people who have invested time and effort to hone their expertise (whatever that may be) find their feet quickly in our company. 

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