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Puma Energy
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Airport City

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Date entered: 2006

Key market statistics:

  • Terminals: 4
  • Storage capacity: 62,700m³
  • Retail sites: 42
  • Airports:1

Ghana has become one of Africa’s leading oil and gas producers, currently exporting 110,000 barrels a day. It is also one of our key midstream locations.

Our offshore mooring capabilities put us at the heart of the Ghanaian oil import business. We have constructed two offshore mooring systems, which we continue to operate and maintain along with their associated pipelines and all ancillary facilities for the unloading and transportation of crude and refined petroleum products.

Our operations in Ghana are managed through two wholly-owned subsidiaries. Kpone Marine Services Limited (KMSL) provides maintenance and operational services, managing vessels and buoy connections. It owns and operates a dedicated storage and pumping terminal at Kpone.

Tema Offshore Mooring Limited (TOM) owns and operates our mooring systems and pipelines. TOM’s assets include a Single Point Mooring system located 7.3 kms offshore. It also owns the 36-inch diameter subsea and onshore pipeline spanning the 11.8 kilometre distance to the Tema Oil Refinery.

Our operation has made a dramatic impact on the country with more than 80% of all petroleum imports to Ghana processed through the Puma operated system at Tema on the Atlantic Coast, 25km east of the capital city Accra.

We also have a network of 42 retail sites and are working on the construction of two additional terminals:  Takoradi (33k m3) and Tema (116k m3).

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