Contact details

Puma Energy Bahamas S.A.
Ceasar Ridge Road, Loyola Park
Belize City, Belize    PO Box 328

Tel: +1 501 227 7323/7324

Belize -small

Key market statistics:

  • Terminals: 2
  • Storage capacity: 26,300 m³
  • Retail sites: 14
  • Airports: 1

Puma Energy is the sole importer of petroleum products in the country and is a key player in Belize. In addition to importing fuel, we distribute products throughout the country via our retail, aviation, business-to-business and supply outlets, which we acquired in 2012.

We currently operate 14 branded retail sites and two convenience stores.

Since the launch of the Puma Brand in 2012 the name has been embraced and has earned a reputation for providing quality fuels safely, swiftly and reliably across the country.

We have invested in offshore mooring systems in Belize and we now have a storage capacity of 26,300m³.

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