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Puma Energy Nicaragua, 
Cuesta del Plomo

Tel: +505 2266 1101

Customer service centre: 1-800 1850

Nicuragua -small

Date entered: 2012

Key market statistics:

  • Terminals: 3
  • Refinery: 1
  • Storage: 223,000m³
  • Retail locations: 40 (including 20 Super 7 convenience stores)
  • Employees: >130

Puma Energy has operated in Nicaragua since March 2013 yet the country is arguably our most ‘complete’ in terms of functions. We run both refining and marketing operations here, which includes aviation, retail, business to business, wholesale, LPG, Bitumen and solvents. We have more than 40 retail locations, including 20 Super 7 convenience stores and we employ over 130 people. We operate three terminals and have access to 223,000m³ of storage.

During 2012, we supplied 47% of the country’s total energy demand and our commitment to provide high quality products and affordable prices will continue in future, supporting the country’s economic growth.

We also acquired a refinery and this resumed production during 2012. A bespoke IT system developed for use at the refinery is now being rolled out at a second refinery.

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