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P.E.S. Myanmar Company Limited
Unit 04-01, 04-02 & 04-06
Union Business Center (UBC), Nat Mauk Rd
Bo Cho Quarter, Bahan Township


Myanmar - small
Key market statistics:

  • Terminals: 1
  • Storage capacity: 91,000
  • Airports:12


In 2015, Puma Energy opened a new state-of-the-art petroleum products storage facility in Thilawa for bitumen, diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, Jet A-1 and LPG, with a total capacity of 182,000 m3. 

The entire facility is designed around American Petroleum Institute (API) standards as well as other international specifications. The facility is currently the largest refined product import terminal in Myanmar, with the capability to receive product from MR-sized (50,000 dead weight metric ton) vessels. Puma Energy is the first foreign company granted permission to develop oil storage facilities in Myanmar.

Our Aviation Business  

Myanmar small-2

In 2015, Puma Energy started its aviation operations in Myanmar, as a joint venture with the Myanmar Petroleum Products Enterprise, serving around 22 international airlines, 10 domestic airlines, four charter service groups and six fuel agents in Myanmar.

The Group recently started operations at 11 additional airports in Myanmar.




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