Our growth in context

We’ve grown by spotting and taking opportunities swiftly. We believe new opportunities will arise in downstream markets, particularly those in which traditional players don’t have refining capacity. The opening up of state controlled markets to competition and increasing oil consumption in emerging markets will also present new growth potential for us.

Together, these trends are creating an exciting dynamic in the global downstream energy market. We’re one of a very limited number of operators with the size, financial strength, managerial expertise and operating capacity to enter and unleash the full value of emerging markets.

Our challenge, as a growing business, already operating in 47 countries is to balance the benefits of size and flexibility. We need to sustain growth in our existing markets through organic and greenfield investment, while retaining the ‘speed to market’ needed to seize new opportunities.

Our investment to deliver the best products, the best service, the best systems and most importantly, the best people, convinces us that we can meet this challenge.


Building strong, profitable midstream businesses secures the flow of products to our downstream operations. Over the past five years, we’ve expanded our storage capacity by more than 70%, mainly by constructing and operating new state of the art facilities ourselves. This has strengthened our in-house expertise in construction and operations, giving us a key competitive advantage.


We’ve developed successful retail, wholesale, B2B, aviation, bunkering, lubricant, bitumen, LPG and supply businesses - building economies of scale in fast-growing markets across Africa, the Americas and Asia Pacific.


Our Investment Approach

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