Strategic investment

We invest in employability skills in our communities because it secures our future pipeline of talent. At the same time, it supports social mobility that can break generational cycles of poverty. We therefore focus our funding on education and training, and health and safety. We also support environmental protection programmes to support our own commitments to maintaining pristine marine and land ecosystems.

Constructive dialogue

Having grown rapidly, we are well-experienced in building positive relationships from the outset. We take the extra time to open the door to neighbouring communities through our Town Hall approach whereby anyone can come and speak to us about our presence in the area.

The Puma Energy Foundation

Through its partnerships with expert NGOs, selected on their proven capacity to achieve lasting, tangible and measurable results in their programmes, the Puma Energy Foundation aims at contributing to the development of thriving communities, particularly in countries where its parent company, Puma Energy, operates. It also matches, dollar for dollar, the amounts that Puma Energy employees fundraise.