Our approach

We operate in markets with growth potential, where we support economic development by providing infrastructure, employment and affordable fuel. We also make a financial contribution through the taxes we pay.

We work to the high standards set out in our Code of Business Conduct, which calls for transparent, fair and respectful relations with all of our external partners.

Fuelling economic development

In some countries, our terminals handle a substantial proportion of all the fuels and lubricants distributed. Our customers include many businesses and organisations that need fuel for their machinery, vehicles and generators. By supporting their economic growth we unlock further opportunities for our own businesses.

Providing infrastructure

We often work in partnership with state-sponsored organisations on complex infrastructure projects designed to improve road networks, ports and storage facilities. In Angola, through our partnership with the state energy company, we ‘ve supplied materials to build better roads and invested in better trucks to provide more efficient delivery for local communities.  

Working with local suppliers

We operate locally in line with our Procurement & Purchasing Policy which requires us to purchase goods and services from local suppliers when possible and economically viable. We encourage suppliers to take positive steps to match our HSEC standards and procedures.

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