Storage and supply

Our 104 storage terminals are helping meet global fuel needs, while also building resilience for future increases in demand. Our global network not only brings opportunities to traders, wholesalers and oil companies around the world; it helps us grow our own business by enabling us to serve road-building and airports.

Responsible sourcing

Our Group Procurement Policy helps to ensure that suppliers are treated fairly – from selection to daily interactions. The policy includes our zero-tolerance of bribery and corruption and Know Your Customer guidelines, as well as fair payment terms.

Roads and airports

We are helping to deliver safer, smoother journeys for customers in many countries around the world by assisting governments and highway agencies in sourcing and supplying the bitumen they need for major construction works. Puma Aviation now operates at 71 airports across Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe, providing consistently high-quality products and services to airlines, aircraft operators and aircraft owners. We demonstrate traceability from refinery to airside delivery and apply the Joint Inspection Group (JIG) standard as our operating manual.

Widening access to quality fuel

We bring fuel to over 3,064 retail sites around the world’. Our investment in infrastructure means that more people in more locations can access high quality, reliable, efficient fuel. A key differentiator for our brand has always been the consistently high quality of product. While regulations vary widely in different parts of the world, we usually exceed national quality specifications and work with governments to improve national benchmarks in fuel quality.