In line with our strategic vision, we continue to develop an effective, pragmatic and un-bureaucratic approach to sustainability, focusing on four key commitments:

Economic development

Cost-effective, reliable fuel distribution simplifies supply chains, mobilises populations and improves connectivity between urban and rural areas. The more we contribute to national prosperity, the more sustainable our business becomes.

Health, safety and the environment

Our operations extend into relatively remote parts of the world, places often with limited back-up. So it is doubly important that we abide by the highest standards for safety and environmental protection. Our benchmark is international best practice, even where that exceeds local requirements.

Our people

The mark of a good business is the quality of its people. We have great people at Puma Energy and we trust them to do what's best. Our devolved structure places responsibility on local managers' shoulders.


We pride ourselves on playing a positive role where we are active. We engage and work closely with local communities and recruit local people. We contribute wealth, resources and expertise to local economies.

Our sustainability challenge

Our challenge going forward is to put in place consistent policies and procedures to ensure we achieve best practice on sustainability issues throughout our business. 



Pierre Eladari

Chief Executive

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