1. Ensure reliable fuel supply

We enable a consistently high quality, efficient supply of fuel across our markets. Working with our stakeholders, we try to identify areas where we can fill a fuel supply gap and expand our business. This may be regions of rising population or growing middle classes; it may also be simply markets where there is a rise in demand for quality fuel.

2. Invest in infrastructure

In partnership with governments and communities, we work to improve storage facilities, ports and roads. Upgrading and building safe and secure storage assets ensures a reliable, high quality supply of fuel to the local public services and businesses that we serve.

3. Build human capacity

Our operations provide jobs and training to over 8,300 people from 87 nationalities. The maintenance, operations and construction of our facilities create further employment opportunities for sub-contractors and suppliers, while our fuel retailing and business partner networks employ a further 25,000 people.

4. Scale up fuel distribution

We transport fuel to our customers via land and sea. We establish retail sites, investing in individual entrepreneurs and giving customers high quality, efficient fuel. This can enable social mobility and long-term consumer-led growth.

5. Invest for the long term

Our aim is to in investing for the long-term is to create lasting change This means building local capacity, particularly in terms of the safety and environment of our neighbourhoods; upskilling communities with a focus on young people, and improving lives directly via the Puma Energy Foundation.


Sustainability Report 2017