Puma Energy's approach to safety

Our company policies are designed to protect our employees and the communities where our people live and work and as such we require adherence to them. Employee safety is a strategic priority for us and work-related fatalities amongst those employed directly and indirectly by us is one of our key performance indicators.

Are you road safe?

Road safety is a crucial issue for each and every one of us and in order to be safer on the roads, we need to understand what the risks are and what can be done to mitigate them. Our "Be Safe Road" policy focuses on eight key messages that highlight the risks of speeding, driving while intoxicated or suffering from fatigue and the dangers of poor car maintenance practices. It also stresses the importance of wearing a seat belt and the dangers of using a cell phone while driving.

Watch our Road Safety Campaign Video Watch our Road Safety Campaign Video

Watch our Road Safety Campaign Video

Highlights from our global events in partnership with schools.

Icon Drive

Don't drive dangerously

Icon Drink

Never drink or take drugs

Icon Speedlimit

Keep to the speed limit

Icon Cellphone

Don't use your cell phone when driving

Icon Smoke

Never smoke near a vehicle

Icon Rest

Take a rest on long journeys

Icon Seatbelt

Always wear a seatbelt

Icon Vehiclesafety

Check your vehicle is safe

What is Be Road Safe?

Be Road Safe is an annual weeklong global campaign to raise awareness about road safety. The first campaign was in September 2013, and we plan to re-run it again this year. Over, 7,350 employees will be involved and we hope to reach thousands more through our employees' families and friends.

Why is road safety important to us?

Every month our drivers make 8,900 trips as they transport thousands of tonnes of our products by road. Safer roads means safer communities and a more reliable service.

What does it mean for employees?

Our aim is to make sure our employees understand why road safety is important and what can be done to make driving safer. The campaign will be tailored to each particular market and materials will be available in Swahili, Spanish and English.

"Safety is the number one for priority for us. We are committed to protecting you, and we expect everyone who works for Puma Energy - including our contractors, suppliers and business partners - to uphold our safety policies and take personal responsibility for safety."

What does it mean for contractors?

Employees must uphold our policies and we require our business partners, suppliers and contractors to do the same. In line with our Purchasing & Procurement Policy we expect transport companies to match our safety standards. We conduct audits both before contracts are awarded and audits of contractors on an ongoing basis. For example, we require our contractors to use geo-fencing technology to automatically reduce vehicle speeds in areas where there is a high risk of accident. We also mandate the use of tamper-proof vehicle speed limiting devices.

How does Puma Energy maintain high safety standards?

Driver safety is a high priority for us, especially in Africa, where we have introduced safety training for drivers and participated in a wide range of road safety initiatives. We spread awareness through initiatives such as our road safety radio show in Zambia. We support national road safety campaigns and promote the use the latest tracking technology to improve driver behavior. Our Community Feedback mechanism enables residents to make a complaint if they suspect that one of our drivers has been driving unsafely in their area.

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