Growing business, growing opportunity

Despite market challenges during the year, we are pleased to report that we performed well, whilst continuing to fuel growth and prosperity in 47 countries. Creating value for all stakeholders in this way is thanks to our business model
that is marking us out from our competitors.

Creating wider value

We have grown rapidly and believe we can continue to do so by building  high-quality businesses that support sustainable growth in our markets.

The bigger picture

2015 was a year of continued economic and societal change, both within our  operating environment and more broadly.

Responsible, safe and ethical

Sustainability has never been a bolt-on; it is built into the processes and systems that help us conduct daily business. We are confident that our embedded responsible approach to growth will continue to bring value to the regions in which we operate, as well as to our investors.

Managing risk

Our sector faces a variety of political, economic, social, operational and  environmental risks. As an ambitious and fast-growing fuel business, operating in diverse geographies, we take these risks extremely seriously. We continually work to manage, mitigate and reduce risk wherever possible.

Health, safety and environment

2015 saw even fewer injuries and no fatalities at our facilities for a fourth year. We are also able to calculate our carbon footprint for the first time, a vital step to monitoring and reducing our emissions.


We provided employment opportunities to more than 250 additional people in 2015, despite challenging market conditions.


The Puma Energy Foundation awarded US$1.25 million to 19 projects in 23  countries during the year. It estimates this reached 180,000 beneficiaries.

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