The Puma Energy Foundation in action

We believe in the importance of maintaining ongoing constructive dialogue with our communities. We have continued to build on our successful community engagement strategy this year in various parts of the world, including PNG, Africa and the Americas.

Maintaining a constructive dialogue with the community is particularly important when undertaking construction work, as we have been doing as part of the fishing port extension in Luanda Bay, Angola. We arranged town hall meetings with the community to raise awareness about our work and make sure that knowledge goes beyond community leaders. By engaging with the local community like this, we understand what we can do to help meet their needs.

We then developed an engagement programme focused on healthcare services, job creation and recreational facilities. We have maintained an active role in the community and successfully rolled out Puma Energy’s health campaign in the area. This resulted in 1,500 local people receiving vaccinations against medical conditions, including tetanus, while more than 1,000 people received medical check-ups.

Since taking over the facility at Bayamón, Puerto Rico in 2010, we have been working hard to improve the lives of people living nearby after the terminal
and surrounding areas were damaged by an explosion in 2009. Along with overhauling the facilities, we have invested in local projects and partnerships with local environmental organisations and supported educational programmes at local schools, regenerating the area.

We sponsor projects that support communities close to our operations, often with the help of volunteers from our businesses. In Paraguay we partnered with Techo, a youth led non-profit organisation, to fund the building of 60 transitional houses providing shelter for 216 families, followed by the construction of the community centre.

In El Salvador we have been working with the Fundacion Fusani on a programme of direct community engagement. Fundacion Fusani sponsors the lives of farmers and their families in the community.

The project invests to provide the technology, infrastructure and the commercial skills for those farmers to take more production, promoting entrepreneurship in a more sustainable way for the community.

One of our key projects in 2014 was Caras de las Americas, a vocational
training programme for children operating in Puerto Rico. The programme is an after school training scheme for children between five and 12 years of age in a very poor community in Puerto Rico. It provides mentoring and support to children in the area.

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