UK small

Key market statistics:

  • Terminals: 5
  • Storage capacity: 1,621,800m3

We continue to expand across our European markets and in July 2015 have extended both our midstream and downstream operations into the UK.

We acquired an ex-refinery in Milford Haven and three inland terminals at Westerleigh, Theale and Bedworth from Murco Petroleum.

With Puma Energy’s expertise and international experience, we have converted Milford Haven from a refinery to a fully flexible, state-of-the-art facility with storage capacity of 1.4 million m3. Along with our bitumen storage facility in Dagenham and our ship-to-truck loading operations centre in Cardiff, we are well-positioned to increase our sales in local markets. We already supply around 20% of the UK’s bitumen, enabling important road and infrastructure improvements.

Milford Haven is one of the deepest natural ports in the world and one of the largest terminals in North Western Europe. It is capable of handling even the longest and widest vessels, making it an ideal entry point for the UK market. The facility itself was formerly a refinery, and the arrival of Puma Energy has been welcomed widely by the local community and even by the Welsh Parliament.

Towards the end of 2016, we signed a purchase agreement with BP to buy its storage fuel terminal in Northern Ireland, adding 155,000m³ of working capacity. Belfast terminal represents our 100th terminal.