Governance objectives

Our attitude to governance is summed up in three key objectives:

  • Support a performance-driven global business that’s focused on growth
  • Maximise our operational flexibility by promoting a ‘light touch’ central management approach that empowers individuals at local level
  • To promote transparency and accountability in all aspects of our operations

Our approach

We manage more than 7,700 employees in 47 countries through a network of continental offices. We empower local employees to run our businesses at ground level because they understand the issues that we face together with our customers.

We give our regional managers the flexibility to respond directly to customers and stakeholders, but balance this with rigorous oversight, provided by effective information systems, comprehensive reporting and close internal audit of our operations.

While most commercial and operational decisions are made regionally or locally, key strategic direction is centralised. Short reporting lines support a dynamic culture and swift decision-making because all employees are clear about their roles and responsibilities, thanks to the use of Delegation of Authority documentation. Clarity also promotes transparency, making it more unlikely that unsafe commercial practices can develop or take root.

Compliance and audit committee

Our compliance and audit committee meets at least twice a year to review Group compliance and audit procedures, audit plans and our risk management framework. The Chairman, CEO, CFO and Internal Audit Manager are all committee members.