Fuelling Journeys

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Surf and celebrate

Fuelling fun and friendships in Surfers Paradise

Lion cubs and lattes

Saving wild animals while serving customers

Safe hands

Stocking up on essentials and treats in Papua New Guinea.

Planet commute

Fuelling all kinds of commutes around the world.

Watermelon man

Keeping the watermelons stacked high in Myanmar’s markets.

Creamy craving

Fuelling mums-to-be in Zambia

Moving forward

Fuelling new possibilities in Myanmar

Fly high

Fuelling epic air adventures across Africa

Music station

Fuelling disco dancing soul sisters in Ghana

Cycle central

Providing a much-loved pit stop for San Salvador’s cyclists

Happy heads

Fuelling festivities in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Swipe and swim

Going digital to save time and cut hassle in Myanmar.

Chicken ‘n’ chat

Enjoying great food and a good gossip over lunch in Panama

Family pit stop

Fuelling everyday journeys in Australia

Max fun

Helping a family jet about on the water in Papua New Guinea

Fitting farewell

Fuelling life’s journeys (and beyond) in Ghana

Car crazy

Fuelling Mustang Madness in Puerto Rico

Drag racing – Puerto Rico

Fuelling the passion of Puerto Rico’s racecar enthusiast mechanical guru