Choose your career with Puma Energy – match your talents and attributes to a suitable area of our business:

Business Support

You are your customers’ ‘champion’ – the friendly voice on the phone that understands their needs and then co-ordinates all service, supply and pricing matters to deliver total satisfaction.


You can interpret the business logic and market trends hidden in raw data and are familiar with Financial Accounting


You have what it takes to run an oil terminal operation safely, efficiently and cost effectively in line with industry and Puma Energy operational standards and procedures.


As a self-starter you need no encouragement to seek and secure new business opportunities. You have natural talent for building open, enduring customer relationships that generate revenue over time.


As a natural multi-tasker and team motivator you have experience in the construction of oil terminals from the ground up. Your cool head under pressure ensures you always deliver on time.


No matter what challenges you face in terms of scale, budget, timeframe and uncertainty you have proven that you are able to do whatever is required to deliver the very best IT solutions by working in partnership with colleagues in other business areas.


You understand that high-quality products, efficient supply and friendly customer service are key to planning and achieving scalable growth in any retail fuel business. As a retail professional you have proven you can help to deliver this growth.


You insist on meeting global safety standards no matter what because you understand that they are the key to running a sustainable, successful petroleum business.

HR, Marketing and General Support

You are an expert in your field with a professional approach and responsive attitude. You have the ability to propose pragmatic, credible solutions to a global, fast-paced business.