Corporate and finance awards 2017

Corporate & Financial Awards 2017

"Annual report of the year"

The judges praised our 2016 annual report as a stand-out, both in its field and among the competition overall. Described as "lively, energetic and creative," the report was commended for its brave approach and peerless execution. The judging panel concluded: "This is truly deserving of Annual report of the year".

"Best printed report: International" 

The judges said they were "tremendously impressed" by our annual report's clarity and quality praising its “Creative use of photography to challenge perceptions of energy companies.”

Stevie Award 2015

The 2015 International Business Awards

We have won a gold award at the 2015 International Business Awards. Puma Energy won high scores during more than two months of judging.

The gold nomination was for our submission: Puma Energy transcends into Paraguay's aviation fuel market.

Category: Product Development/Team of the Year

World finance

World Finance Oil and Gas Awards 2014

"Best Downstream Service & Solutions Company – Africa"

In ten years we’ve invested US$1billion in Africa, developed a secure fuel supply, grown our market share to 20%+, and reaffirmed our commitment to community programmes. In addition, our partnership with North Star Alliance funded 50 roadside wellness centres for driver health checks, eye tests and education on sexual diseases.

"Best Downstream Service & Solutions Company – Asia-Pacific"

The introduction of a new range of premium fuels, the launch of fuel cards to improve value to clients and the construction of new fuel terminals were among the achievements that this award acknowledged.

Platts global energy award

Platts Global Energy Award 2014

"Rising Star Individual” (Rodrigo Zavala, COO America)

Rodrigo Zavala, our Chief Operations Officer for America, was recognized for his leadership of 1,100 employees across Central and South America. His efforts have seen Puma Energy achieve 35% growth in these regions, securing footholds in Puerto Rico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, Panama and Paraguay.

Communitas Awards

Communitas Awards 2014

"Reducing Fatalities in Developing Nations"

This award was earned by our "Be Road Safe" campaign, which saw us overcome challenges including language barriers, diverse cultures, multiple locations, low literacy and education levels in order to reduce highway accidents among our drivers around the globe by 25%. A truly lifesaving result!

Platts Global Energy Award

Platts Global Energy Awards 2013

"Industry Leadership, Midstream"

This prestigious and highly competitive award recognised how we are leading the midstream sector, achieving exceptional global growth of 50%+ for five consecutive years.

It also recognised our wider commitment to best practice, including our approach to developing markets ethically (such as our Puma Energy Foundation, which helps local people around the world achieve positive change,) investment in numerous innovations and our commitment to safety.


The International Business Awards 2013

“Fastest-Growing Company of the Year in Asia, 2013 - Silver”

Our market penetration across Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, UAE, and Vietnam shone through for these awards, along with expanding our employee base in Asia to 1,000+ staff and successfully becoming Australia’s largest independent fuel operator.

“Energy Company of the Year – Bronze”

Here we were acknowledged for our unrivalled growth across five remarkable years, which saw us secure footholds in 15 new countries, expand our global workforce to more than 6,000 and increase sales five-fold.

“Corporate Social Responsibility Programme of the Year, Americas – Silver” (Puma Energy Puerto Rico)

A strategic plan of socially responsible activities helped us win the hearts and minds of a very sceptical community who’d suffered at the hands of big business before. We invested over US$150k to develop community projects that have successfully protected the environment, provided education and enhanced the social fibre of the region.

“Corporate Social Responsibility Programme of the Year, Middle East and Africa – Bronze” (Pumangol)

This award recognises our work in Angola, where we’ve created jobs, nurtured entrepreneurship with our franchise model, created the infrastructure needed for communities to prosper, and fully funded the construction of new educational facilities in the community.

Stevie Sales

The Stevie Awards For Sales & Customer Service 2012

"Finalist for Front Line Customer Service Team of the Year, Americas"

Here we were recognised for our work in Panama, where our team overcame numerous challenges to deliver truly exceptional customer service, as evidenced by the fact that we secured the continuation of a high-profile contract during a period of major transformation in the business and successfully doubled our total B2B coverage within the region.


Engineers and Surveyors of Puerto Rico Convention of 2012

”Emerging Leader Under 40” (Brenda Torano, Environmental Engineer)

Brenda Torano was named Emerging Leader Under 40 for her work on our Bayamón fuel terminal in Puerto Rico. After the terminal was ravaged by a fire, Brenda played a key leading role in the remediation and reconstruction of the facility, which included the development of four unprecedented agreements between Puma Energy and the local environmental agencies.

Communitas Awards

Communitas Awards 2012

“Leadership in Organisation Community Service” (Puerto Rico)

This award was for our major transformation of a community in Puerto Rico, where we stepped in to undo the damage caused after a major fire tore through a rival firm’s oil storage terminal. We worked closely with the local community to not only rebuild the terminal, but to also complete an exhaustive environmental clean-up and renew their faith in large corporations.

"Community Development" (Angola)

After 27 years of civil war, Angola was left in a state of devastation. This award acknowledged our efforts to transform the region, which saw us provide jobs for 2,600 local staff, construct 40 new 24-hour service stations, stabilise fuel supply, improve safety standards and develop the vital road networks needed to allow industry to prosper.

World finance

World Finance Oil and Gas Awards 2012

“Best Oil and Gas Downstream Company, Africa 2012”

“Best Independent Oil and Gas Company, Western Europe, 2012”

We are particularly proud of these two awards as they were the result of an industry vote, where our peers acknowledged our forward-thinking business acumen and services to the oil and gas industry across Africa and Western Europe.

Trade finance

Trade in Finance Awards for Excellence 2012

“Deal of the Year”

2012 saw us secure our first limited-recourse structured term loan of US$155m, which in turn financed our development of the sub-Saharan African energy sector. We were issued this award in recognition of this deal, which marked a landmark cross-border syndicated acquisition.