Our approach

We want to make a positive impact wherever we operate, and work hard to reduce the risks our operations may pose.  

Hiring local people and suppliers embeds us in local communities. Trusting local managers to run our operations at ground level means we understand the issues our neighbours face.

Operating close to local communities presents new risks and often concerns local people, so it's important that we operate transparently and maintain dialogue to avoid problems before they arise.  

At our Alexela terminal in Estonia, many local people were worried about the facility’s environmental impacts, despite its ISO9001 and 14001 certification. We responded by installing an air-quality monitoring system, and making its real-time data about hydrocarbon levels publicly available online.

Local support

We think carefully about how our operations can best meet the needs of local people. We also do what we can to help local communities address their most pressing challenges. This often involves fixing practical problems, for example helping with the cleanup after a natural disaster or industrial accident.

Since taking over the facility at Bayamón, Puerto Rico in 2010, we have been working hard to improve the lives of people living nearby after the terminal and surrounding areas were damaged by an explosion in 2009. Along with overhauling the facilities, we have invested in local projects and partnerships with local environmental organisations and supported educational programmes at local schools, regenerating the area.

Community Relations Policy

In order to ensure consistency in our approach to community engagement we’re currently rolling out a comprehensive Community Relations Policy.

The Puma Energy Foundation

We established the Puma Energy Foundation in 2012. It funds local projects that bring about lasting change, focusing on education, the environment, health and disability, rural development, social inclusion and social entrepreneurship.