By setting health, safety, environmental and community standards that go beyond legal compliance, we create a better environment for our people and neighbours. We also protect our business interests.  

HSEC Policy

Our Executive Committee sets our HSEC Policy. This makes it clear that a safe, healthy and responsible business environment is the top priority for all Puma Energy employees. The policy is constantly under review and in 2012 we extended it to incorporate biodiversity, water management, hazardous materials and energy use.

HSEC management and training

We believe that personal accountability for HSEC issues is essential to supporting operational performance. On-site HSEC co-ordinators oversee training, conduct annual safety audits and generally provide advice and guidance; while objectivity is assured by HSEC compliance teams, who audit sites other than their own. Our bespoke safety management system, SAPS, covers refineries and retail outlets as well as terminals.

Managing our environmental impacts

We acknowledge that emission of greenhouse gases is a major global challenge, and we support policies that address climate change without unduly restricting emerging economies in meeting their growing demand for secure, affordable energy. In our own operations, we focus on reducing our energy use and water use.

Energy and water use

We aim to use energy-efficient equipment and favour renewable fuel where economically viable. We have regular fire-fighting drills, which consume large amounts of water, but are clearly an important aspect of safety performance and cannot be compromised. However, where possible we use seawater or recycled water.

Helping customers improve energy efficiency

Many of our customers are in major energy-consuming industries such as mining. We help them reduce their fuel usage through our Total Fuel Management programme. This looks at every aspect of their fuel needs from security of supply to waste management, identifying where, for example, better maintenance or training could reduce fuel usage and costs.

Focusing on road safety

Road transport is one of our highest risk areas, particularly in Africa. We educate our drivers in road safety, spread awareness through initiatives such as our road safety radio show in Zambia, support national road safety campaigns, and use the latest tracking technology to improve driver behaviour. In line with our Purchasing & Procurement Policy we expect transport companies to match our safety standards.