Focusing on road safety

For many years, we have run programmes dedicated to improving road safety. This commitment involves our employees, their communities and local authorities under common goals – to reduce traffic accidents, to spread the message that road safety matters and, ultimately, to save lives.

Site safety for colleagues and communities

Every employee is bound by our HSE policies and we expect our business partners, suppliers and contractors to implement them along the value chain. On a day-to-day basis, our regular campaigns and ‘Five Golden Rules’ remind people of their personal responsibilities and their responsibility for each other, their environment and their local community.


As employers, it is our responsibility to maximise the prospects of our people by providing safe, healthy places to work. Healthy balanced lifestyles support long, rewarding careers, which in turn helps us to retain excellent people.

Protecting land and marine environments from spills and waste

We sometimes inherit sites that are in a poor environmental state, having been damaged by years of pollution or chemical and oil spills. When this is the case, we apply the highest HSE standards to restore contaminated land and protect biodiversity – on sea and on land.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We deploy a number of strategies to reduce our carbon emissions – from efficient transportation to site and storage innovations. In addition, we supply higher grade petroleum products around the world, we are also growing our alternative fuel offer, including biofuel, biodiesel blends and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Reducing waste; conserving water

Many of our operations are in drought regions or in places where recycling infrastructure is limited. This calls for us to innovate and work with partners to protect the planet’s finite resources and avoid waste creation. We continue to use sea water in our cooling and fire drill processes and are capturing volatile hydrocarbons through Vapour Recovery Units.