Our approach

Such an approach requires a sustained effort on everyone’s part, however. As well as investing in our new acquisitions to bring them into line with our high standards, we run continuous education programmes to ensure all our employees are aware of workplace risks and ways to mitigate them. In addition to our regular workplace training, we are currently working to create a safer workplace culture through a variety of global awareness raising initiatives.

What is "Be Puma Safe"?

"Be Puma Safe" is the first year of a companywide campaign to improve safety across our operations in all the markets where we operate. The focus is a week-long campaign in all of our worldwide locations. In order to make our workplaces safer, we need to raise awareness about what constitutes unsafe behaviour. "Be Puma Safe" will help to establish a common understanding of workplace safety across our Puma Energy operations, which will in turn ensure we strengthen our culture of safety.

Key messages

The key messages are focused around the campaign’s five golden rules:

Follow the procedures

Follow the safety procedures

Wear the appropriate equipment

Wear the appropriate equipment

Challenge unsafe behavior

Challenge unsafe behaviour

Report all incidents

Report all incidents

Look after each other

Look after each other

Be Puma Safe - video Be Puma Safe - video

Be Puma Safe - video

We're working hard to be Puma Safe.