We employ more than 7,700 people worldwide. When we acquire a business we inherit new employees and it’s important that we achieve consistent standards in training and talent management while retaining the "entrepreneurial independence" that has driven our success, so we are working hard to develop the right HR infrastructure for Puma Energy.

Our approach

Our HR approach is all about practical delivery. Local people run our country operations as standalone businesses; our role is to ensure they have the resources and guidance to operate successfully. To support this non-bureaucratic way of working we have a number of globally consistent performance management processes in place.

Maintaining the Puma Energy way

We integrate all our people into what we call the ‘Puma Energy Way’ - focusing on accountability, transparency and great performance rather than progress based only on seniority of length of service.

Training and development programmes

We help our people acquire the skills they need to improve their performance, so most of our training is on the job. We also provide more formalised in-house or classroom-based training when required. To help us identify and manage talented people we run a Leadership Development Programme and use a company-wide Talent Management Process.

Listening to our people

In our decentralised business it is important that we ‘take the pulse’ of employees’ opinions, which is why we run an annual employee engagement survey. The most recent survey revealed that employees have a high level of commitment to the company.