As with most countries, there are many dangers associated with being on the road but, in recent years, the widespread use of mobile phones has become an ever-increasing threat to safety on the country’s roads.

For the Be Road Safe campaign in Panama, senior staff ran four days of activities targeting employees, contractors and the general public. Throughout the week messages from senior members of staff directed employees to information sections on the intranet, while fuel trucks and the country’s three busiest service stations were kitted out with Be Road Safe messages.

A road safety expert gave employees at Puma Energy’s head office an educational talk on the risks of the road. After that employees took the message out to the country’s busiest Puma service station in Centennial, Panama City, which serves around 1,500 customers every day.

Puma staff then gave away free car freshener, t-shirts, caps, key chains with road safe messages and safety vests. All trucks carrying Puma Energy products were branded with the Be Road Safe logo for the campaign. In total Be Road Safe involved around 50 staff from the country’s head office, 15 drivers and 40 dealerships.

Puma Energy also targeted radio talk shows as part of Be Road Safe and afternoon show, The Rush Hour, ran a feature on the campaign. To support the campaign Puma Energy added safety information to its listings on the Waze app, a GPS-based application for smartphones that provides route information including details of nearby petrol stations. As well as displaying all the Puma Energy service stations in Panama, users who click on the Puma Energy icon saw the Be Road Safe logo and were led to a site with more information. Promotion on the app helped to widen the reach of the campaign still further by taking the message directly to the half million people who use the app in Panama every month.