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Standing up for cleaner fuel

Fuel quality is becoming a growing customer priority both in terms of efficiency and emissions. It is particularly important where local infrastructure is weak.

Puerto Rico community relief film 2017

Puma Energy in Puerto Rico is helping the community in the aftermath of the hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017

Championing young people and women entrepreneurs in Myanmar

Shaping the talent to meet Myanmar’s fast-growing business needs.

Business models of the future, Puerto Rico

Supporting groups that promote honest entrepreneurship.

Africa: Joining the dots

For the last 16 years, we’ve slowly but surely been helping Africa unlock its trade potential. Our fuel infrastructure is delivering high quality, low-sulphur fuels safely to where they are needed.

Launching a new Code of Conduct

Operating responsibly is vital to our licence to operate and builds trust among stakeholders. Our new Code of Conduct is designed to enable all of us to make informed and ethical decisions, and to continue to raise the bar.

Innovation for social and environmental impact

A unique combination of Puma Energy spirit and cutting-edge technologies is behind how we ensure fuel security for billions of people, while protecting the environment.

Onboarding our people

Our people have been instrumental in our rapid growth – their entrepreneurial spirit, culture and the experience we have across our team, have all contributed to our success.

People and communities in Papua New Guinea

Helping PNG develope a secure and reliable domestic supply of fuels for its growing economy.

Combining road safety and vaccinations in Angola

Taking a road safety message to children and helping with vaccinations.

Avoiding needless deaths on Zambia’s roads

Helping to increase road safety standards across the region.

Standing up for supply security

Keeping the lights on and essential goods moving without interruption, even during catastrophic weather events such as Hurricane Maria, requires robust risk preparedness systems and great relationships with local partners.

Standing up for safer roads

Our tankers transport vast quantities of fuel across 49 countries in five continents; the majority of our 8,000+ people come to work by car or bus – road safety is therefore a strategic concern for our business.

Our first Corporate Social Investment Policy

As a milestone in our sustainability journey, we are pleased to announce a group-wide community investment vision to expand our reach and deepen our impact.

Supporting social entrepreneurs in Asia: The Puma Energy Foundation

The Puma Energy Foundation’s new strategy includes programmes that promote fair and sustainable employment and clean and safe logistics.

Unlocking potential: Pakistan and Myanmar

A retail acquisition in Pakistan and a new import terminal in Myanmar are two examples of how we improve local infrastructure and supply security in two very different countries.