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Combining road safety and vaccinations in Angola

Taking a road safety message to children and helping with vaccinations.

Every year, 1.3 million lives are lost on the world’s roads and a further 50 million people are injured. This is a strategic issue for us given the vast distances travelled by our trucks, often in regions with poor road infrastructure. We engage our contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure our fuel is transported safely, with zero harm to drivers or communities.

We have been running annual road safety campaigns for our people and communities for three years. We focus our engagement around road safety weeks in September and November. In five languages, we use social media, video, posters and merchandise to highlight the importance of being safe – both as a driver and as a pedestrian.

In Angola, where we have built vital infrastructure across all 18 provinces, we developed a ‘Be Road Safe’ awareness drive where we reached 442 children with reflective school bags, ‘Chirpy the Chicken’ colouring books, pencils and t-shirts. We have also developed an engagement programme focused on healthcare services. We maintain an active role in the community and our health campaign has resulted in 1,320 local people receiving vaccinations against medical conditions, including tetanus, while more than 1,110 people have received medical check-ups.

Our health campaign has resulted in 1,320 local people receiving vaccinations against medical conditions.

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