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Innovation for social and environmental impact

A unique combination of Puma Energy spirit and cutting-edge technologies is behind how we ensure fuel security for billions of people, while protecting the environment.

The challenge

As an energy business often operating in environmentally sensitive areas, we are always looking for creative ways to do more with less; and to continue to lead the way by championing high quality, cleaner fuels.

What we did

Dedicated experts research and develop the latest innovations that deliver on safety and environmental impact – like using seawater in our cooling and fire drill processes, or capturing volatile hydrocarbons through Vapour Recovery Units. But technologies also need people – and we keep investing in safe, responsible behaviours within our teams. Driver safety is a case in point as we start to combine in-cab cameras with road safety training for our drivers and in our communities.

As well as supplying higher grade petroleum products around the world, we are also growing our alternative fuel offer, including biofuel, biodiesel blends and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). For retail customers, fuels such as our Pumamax Diesel and Pumamax Premium Unleaded, offer superior economy, emit low levels of exhaust hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide and help maintain excellent operational performance. We have also developed ION Premium Diesels – a clean, filtered fuel.


Because of our scale, we are able to supply superior fuels at marginal premiums, leading the way in terms of addressing air pollution. Since 2012, we have invested US$1,600 million in cleaner fuel infrastructure across Africa alone.

“At our facilities in Puerto Rico, Estonia and Tanzania, we have installed state-of-the-art vapour recovery systems. These closed loop systems not only recover valuable vapour, but also reduces methane and VOC emissions.”

Antonio Mawad, Global Head of Midstream Operations and HSE

Applying world-class health, safety and environment standards and state-of-the-art technology has long been a business differentiator. Find out more


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