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Standing up for supply security

Keeping the lights on and essential goods moving without interruption, even during catastrophic weather events such as Hurricane Maria, requires robust risk preparedness systems and great relationships with local partners.

Our promise

First-class health, safety and environmental systems, combined with the very best emergency training for our people, are put to the test during weather disasters like the hurricanes of 2017. Our record for preparing for and responding to extreme events is second to none.

Supply security

Access to reliable, secure energy can make or break entire regions of the world. The national security of a country depends on a consistent supply of quality fuel to power its economic engine – from transportation to communication; security to health delivery systems. This means keeping the pipes flowing even in the face of political instability in fuel producing countries, attacks on supply infrastructure, terrorism, accidents and natural disasters.

We enable a consistently high quality, efficient supply of fuel across our markets, even in some of the world’s most remote regions. Working with our stakeholders, we try to identify areas where we can fill a fuel supply gap and expand our business. This may be regions of rising population or growing affluence; it may also be simply markets where there is a rise in demand for quality fuel.


“There is no manual that tells us step-by-step how to work with the unexpected. This situation forced us to do things in different and creative ways, to be even more efficient, to redouble our efforts, and to find solutions to any obstacle that arose along the way.”

Victor Dominguez, General Manager, Puma Energy Caribe


Hurricane Maria: Business continuity in action

When Hurricane Maria surprised the world with its sheer force and devastation in 2017, we drew on all of our know-how and experience to get fuel infrastructure on the island of Puerto Rico back up and running in record time.


105 retail sites running within 72 hours
3.4M relief for Puerto Rico residents

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