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Unlocking potential: Pakistan and Myanmar

A retail acquisition in Pakistan and a new import terminal in Myanmar are two examples of how we improve local infrastructure and supply security in two very different countries.

The challenge

Connecting 4.8 billion people to economic development opportunities calls for long term investment in fuel infrastructure, as well as large-scale employment and supply chain uplift. 

What we did

We catalyse socio-economic development by introducing a reliable supply of quality fuel, investing in infrastructure such as terminals, ports and roads and partnering with local retail entrepreneurs. By applying the best standards in quality, health, safety and environmental protection, we can both tap into new markets and meet the challenges and opportunities of existing markets.

For example, we have recently added a sizeable retail network of 470 sites through a 51% stake in the Chishti Group in Pakistan. The acquisition offers us the opportunity to improve local infrastructure, supply security and deliver a world-class retail proposition to local consumers. Over the year, we will undertake a significant investment programme to develop best-in class supply chain infrastructure in the country.

May 2017 also saw the opening of our Thilawa terminal in Myanmar. As the largest and most modern refined products import terminal in the country, its storage facilities cater for a range of petroleum products, including commercial fuels, heavy fuel oil (typically used for power generation), bitumen for road building and jet fuel. Some of its unique features include sophisticated fire-fighting systems, a robust emergency management plan and containment systems.


Our global capability to deliver reliable and secure supply of high-quality fuels will make a tangible difference to the economies of Pakistan and Myanmar. For example, Thilawa terminal is already helping position Myanmar as a regional hub for neighbouring countries, a gateway as we expand into new frontier markets.

We will make the necessary investments to develop the supply chain infrastructure in the country and minimise any potential risks to our customers, employees and partners. 

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