We have a simple goal in the Aviation sector – to deliver fuel at a competitive price to airlines and aircraft owners and operators, while at the same time meeting all international safety and quality standards.

Efficiency and safety

When it comes to aviation, we make it easy for our customers by handling everything – from importation, handling, storage, bridging and transportation, to onto-plane operations at Puma Energy owned airport fuelling depots using our own people. We have built an excellent reputation in the sector, based on our efficiency, strong safety track record, high-quality fuel and competitively priced products. 

Expanding our aviation business

We operate 84 airports across Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe providing products and services to airlines, aircraft operators and aircraft owners. We work with a growing number of major international airlines including including South African Airways, Qatar Airways, Delta Air Lines, KLM, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Iberia and Taca Airlines, as well as many domestic airlines around the world.