storage inside page - jan 2017


Our goal is a simple one – to provide high-quality fuel storage at strategic locations and at competitive prices to support your business today and in the future. With Puma Energy as your partner, you have a strong, forward-thinking ally in the quest to operate profitably and successfully.



Expertise and technology

Our storage terminals are a vital resource to traders, wholesalers and major oil companies around the world.

We handle many different products for these key customers at our facilities, including crude oil, fuel oil, clean refined products, bitumen, LPG and petrochemicals.

The expertise and technology we have developed at our facilities allows us to provide a broad range of services including: the high-volume bulk-building and bulk-breaking required by traders when they split or combine products for resale; sophisticated blending and ‘butanisation’ of oil products; as well as rail, truck, pipeline and discharging services.


Increasing our storage capacity

Storage terminals are an essential part of any country’s energy infrastructure and we contribute to this on a global scale.

We continue to invest in high-quality storage facilities and services both to support current requirements and to anticipate our customers’ future needs.

Marine - Locations

Offshore mooring

We have a wealth of experience in the construction, maintenance and operation of jetties, berths and offshore mooring systems, including offshore mooring systems in Ghana, Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize, along with port oil jetties in Puerto Rico, Ivory Coast and Dubai (UAE).