Key market statistics:

  • Terminals: 5
  • Storage capacity: 473,200m³
  • Retail sites: 78
  • Airports: 4

Since we entered the market in 2004 we have been achieving organic growth by investing in better systems, processes and talented people.

Supply in Angola has benefited from the opening of the world’s largest Conventional Buoy Mooring (CBM) System in Luanda Bay.  The fuel loading buoy anchored offshore serves a strategic mooring point for Africa and it allows a wide range of carriers to berth while loading or offloading oil products. The CBM is located next to our Fishing Port terminal in Luanda Bay,which has been completed during 2017.

We are proud to play a critical role in supporting improvements to the country’s infrastructure where roads have been built using bitumen supplied by Puma Energy.

We provide logistics and management services for a strategically placed third-party owned fleet of modern, well-equipped bunker barges offshore from Angola and in the port of Luanda. These barges deliver marine gas-oil to oil rigs and marine gas-oil and fuel-oil to vessels in the region.

Angola itself remains one of our most important markets in Africa and our Pumangol business offers 24-hour retail sites and convenience stores, operating under the Super7 Express brand. We sell around 1,600 different items across our network of 78 Angolan retail sites, with a focus on providing the local products our customers want.