Date entered: 2010

Key market statistics:

  • Terminals: 1
  • Storage capacity: 3,500m³
  • Retail sites: 38
  • Airports: 4

We are Botswana’s main supplier of petroleum and lubricant products to business-to-business customers. We supply the public sector, transport, construction and logistics companies and we are the country’s sole supplier of aviation fuels and lubricants, supporting Botswana’s four airports and its air force. Puma Energy’s competitive advantage is based on the ability to guarantee security of supply to mining operations and power peaking plants.

Puma Energy's diesel supply to Botswana Power Corporation is helping to power the country. In 2011, we invested $4 million in the construction of a 1,600m³ diesel storage facility for a 90MW plant in Orapa, the home of Botswana's second largest diamond mine. We are the dominant player in the mining industry. We have a strategic partnership to act as the sole supplier of petroleum and lubricant products to Debswana's diamond mines.

Our 38 retail sites are located mainly in urban areas, but we also have service stations located around the strategically important Trans-Kalahari passage linking South Africa to Namibia through Botswana. Nineteen of our retail outlets also have convenience stores.

We encourage local entrepreneurship at our retail site operations and we outsource a number of services to local companies including training and marketing activities, facilities management, aviation refuellers, maintenance and site management at the mines, as well as bulk fuel transport. 

Local operations tapped into Puma Energy storage network in southern Africa to develop alternative sources of fuel for Botswana and improving the situation in relation to security of supply. Previously, the country has relied on fuel supplies from South Africa.