Date entered: 2009

Key market statistics:

  • Terminals: 3
  • Storage capacity: 276,700m³
  • Retail sites: 18

We started operating in Mozambique in 2009, with the opening of the Petrobeira terminal and have continued to invest in midstream operations in Mozambique since then. In 2014, we opened our bitumen terminal in Matola, with a total capacity of 21k m3. In 2015, our new 115,000m3 Fuel Terminal in Matola was inaugurated by the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Dr. Pedro Conceição Couto. 

Historically, Mozambique has had a limited capacity to store fuel, so the construction of the new Fuel Terminal will help to ensure availability, including, in times of crisis, as a catalyst for maintaining the country’s impressive economic growth of recent years. In addition, the terminal acts as a storage hub for the Group's Southern African operations, expanding its strategic importance beyond the country’s borders.