Key market statistics:

  • Storage capacity: 4,900m³
  • Terminals: 2
  • Retails sites: 159
  • Airports: 7

Our regional hub in Johannesburg, accommodates our supply and trading teams, our fuels and lubricants department, as well as our aviation team who supplies 51 airports across Africa with Aviation fuels.

Puma Energy started its operations in South Africa in 2015, with the acquistions of Brent Oil and Drakensberg Oil. These acquisitions have led to a significant expansion of our operations in South Africa and we continue to invest in the market to grow our retail network and our storage capacity. 

We currently operate a network of 159 retail sites, as well as two terminals with a total storage capacity of 4,900m3. Market growth over the past two years has been slow at only 1–2% but with annual consumption at around 28 million mof fuel, there is significant potential for further growth for our business in South Africa.