Date entered: 2012

Key market statistics:

  • Terminals: 3
  • Refinery: 1
  • Storage capacity: 225,500m³
  • Retail sites: 49 (including 36 convenience stores)
  • Airport: 1

Puma Energy has operated in Nicaragua since March 2012 yet the country is arguably our most ‘complete’ in terms of functions. We run both refining and marketing operations here, which includes aviation, retail, business to business, wholesale, LPG, Bitumen and solvents.

Our MANREF refining facility can process 20,000 barrels of oil a day and supports our other operations in the country, including our 225,500m³ storage capacity, 49 retail sites, and our thriving aviation, wholesale and B2B businesses. We operate this ‘pocket refinery’ by exception to our usual approach, as it is critical to local supply and we use it to process various types of crude oil for the local market.