Puerto Rico small

Key market statistics:

  • Terminals: 4
  • Storage capacity: 405,400m³
  • Retail sites: 329
  • Airports: 3

We entered Puerto Rico in 2008, and have progressively expanded our presence there, with the acquisitions of Capeco, Chevron Puerto Rico and, most recently, BP's aviation business, and own investments.

We made significant investments in Bayamon, regenerating the terminal, dock and surrounding areas badly damaged and contaminated by mismanagement under previous owners. The refurbished storage terminal has a capacity of 323,700m³. We own four terminals in Puerto Rico and one in the US Virgin Islands, with a total storage capacity of 405,400m³, operate a network of 329 retail sites and over 230 employees, covering all lines of business, except refining. Puerto Rico remains our largest Americas market by sales and volumes and we have a significant presence there with supply agreements with the government, Puerto Rico Energy, the Power Authority and, increasingly, the aviation sector. The purchase of BP’s local aviation business in mid-2015 underlined our continuing commitment to and investment in the country. Puma Energy now operates the site at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, which serves more than four million passengers a year.

Our competitive advantage comes from our business model, gives our retailers flexibility, allows them to constantly innovate and we encourage and help our retailers grow their businesses. We believe in multi-site retailers, and support retailers by giving them all the necessary tools in order to help them develop. Our extensive retail network allows us to meet all customers needs, thanks to 303 convenience stores, 7 restaurants, 2 truck stops and 54 car washes.


Video documentary - Rebuilding in Puerto Rico